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Lot Description Price Result
1 A pair of Chanel ladys sunglasses, 221 Sold
2 A pair of Chanel ladys sunglasses, 336 Sold
3 A pair of Chanel ladys sunglasses, 123 Sold
4 A pair of Chanel ladys navy and white sunglasses, 192 Sold
5 A pair of Chanel ladys brown sunglasses, 264 Sold
6 A pair of Chanel ladys white sunglasses 132 Sold
7 A pair of Chanel ladys gold sunglasses 156 Sold
8 A pair of Jimmy Choo ladys sunglasses 192 Sold
9 A pair of Prada ladys sunglasses 180 Sold
10 A pair of Valentino ladys olive green gem encrusted camouflage sunglasses retail $600 228 Sold
11 A pair of Versace ladys sunglasses 228 Sold
12 A pair of Dior ladys sunglasses, 62 Sold
13 A pair of Gianfranco Ferré ladys sunglasses 108 Sold
14 A ladys Escada purse, 120 Sold
15 A Prada pink leather handbag, 360 Sold
16 A silver Burberry handbag 320 Sold
17 A dark silver Burberry handbag 221 Sold
18 A Louis Vuitton bronze gold colour handbag 480 Sold
19 A Louis Vuitton leather and denim handbag 780 Sold
20 A Jimmy Choo multi coloured snake skin pattern vinyl handbag 360 Sold
21 A Jimmy Choo dark purple handbag, 336 Sold
22 A Rebecca Minkoff Mini Perry tote in taupe retail $420 180 Sold
23 A bright purple leather Escada handbag 228 Sold
24 A purple leather and floral fabric Escada handbag 408 Sold
25 A silver handbag by Christopher Kan 74 Sold
26 A black leather handbag by Balenciaga Paris 456 Sold
27 Two Escada ladys leather blazers, 394 Sold
28 Two Escada ladys leather zip-up blazers, 528 Sold
29 Two Escada ladys leather zip-up blazers, 720 Sold
30 An Escada ladys short jacket, retail $4,190 432 Sold
31 Two black Escada ladys double button blazers, 504 Sold
32 Two ladys black leather Escada jackets, 1,020 Sold
33 An Escada ladys mid length leather button up black trench coat, 480 Sold

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